A Change In Direction

Posted by John Cotterill on

For a long time QuadRacer has focused purely on providing frames. This was, for us the pure essence of what we could contribute to the racing and freestyle community; products of ingenuity such as the Zero, freestyle reliability like the Equilibrium, or raw racing stamina like the Nemesis and God_Mode. However, while this creative pursuit brings it's own satisfaction, it certainly doesn't bring a huge amount of economic gain and with the intention being to ultimately turn QuadRacer into a job rather than a hobby, a change in direction is warranted.

Starting now, QuadRacer is going to begin stocking electronic components suited to our frames. We're starting with motors but we'll add ESCs, flight controllers, Receivers, VTX and Cameras as we go. However, we're being selective about it in order to keep with the pace of the market and continue offering quality gear, we will be offering a limited line with the intention that you can buy what a standardised setup of reliable, quality parts. We won't be offering cheap parts or diverse range at this point.

We now stock F40 Pro II which you can grab here or in combination with any frame for a saving.

F40 Pro II

We are looking forward to opening this new chapter with you all!


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