One Becomes Two: The re-release of the QuadRacer Enso

Posted by John Cotterill on

The Enso has chugged along in the background of the Australian freestyle scene for some time. We felt like we had a good offering, strong, not too heavy, versatile in build, easy to maintain. But we were approaching it the wrong way. As a racer, i'm often drawn to function heavily over form and in doing so, you actually close your mind to a whole range of possibilities.

About 6 months ago Warren Mutimer (RokNRolr FPV) joined the team and started pushing me in a direction, then Sebastian Elliott jumped in and collectively with input from them and some other freestyle pilots, we worked to produce the above.

The first stage was to update the style and 3D componentry of the Enso. This involved no carbon changes and was purely changes to the 3D, dramatically altering Aesthetic and Strength.

Phase 2 was driven primarily by Sebastian Elliott. He wanted all the same things but slimmer, sleeker, faster and so the decision was made to separate Enso into two frames, the Enso BS (Bando Spec) and the Enso RS (Rapid Spec).

We split into two designs because we liked the sheer robust size and wide component compatibility of the original Enso. It's a tank that can take a beating and fit almsot anything in it. The RS is a little more refined in many ways but also adds some limitations and ultimately less carbon means less strength. We think both have their place for a pilot of any skill level and it's entirely personal preference.

Importantly, by using identical arms, we aren't limiting the potential of the Enso line to create a unique range of frames and we make it easy for you to transition from one to the other if you change your mind or your style.

These frames feature:

  • GoPro Ramps included
  • GoPro full cover options
  • Front Micro Cam Mount with Impact absorbing internal structure
  • Reinforcing skid palte
  • Rear AXII Cup with internal TBS and SMA mount grooves
  • Frsky and Immortal T rear mounts
  • Rotating immortal T mount, single print piece that locks at horizontal or vertical position
  • Multiple stack mounting positions
  • XT60 strain relief holder

You can see more photos on the individual listings:

Enso BS:

Enso RS:



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