Updates (06-02-2018)

Posted by John Cotterill on

$2 Shipping

$2 shipping proves to be a success with lots of people taking it up. Great to see!


In order to improve our overall service, we're making express shipping on domestic orders standard at $10. For us this means one less thing to think about and for you this means knowing you'll get the quickest service.

Our free shipping threshold for Australian orders has been shifted to $110 in response to an increase in our average order value. Long term $100 was not going to prove sustainable but we're glad to not have to shift this too much. This will remain an organic process to ensure that we're at the right level. While we do accommodate for some shipping in our pricing, we were under-collecting shipping costs by about 30% which is a hefty impact on margin.

New Products

We're very happy to start stocking TBS products including Micro Receivers for Crossfire and Nano VTx 25mw/50mw which perfect for racing, smartaudio compatible and featherlite.

We unfortunately could net get Immortal T antennas this time but we will try for next time.


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