Updates 19/02/2018

Posted by John Cotterill on

Chinese New Year threw a spanner in the works but when we are back on track we will be back in full force.

We still have stock of most electronic components but have sold out of Matek VTX and spedix 4in1.

The Pipeline:

- The next cut of the god_mode will see the full adoption of press nuts to the top plate / bottom plate (your choice) with pre cut 4.2mm holes for press nut mounting. We'll be looking to reduce the labour cost on pre-installation once we've figured out a fast and cost effective way to do it (getting close).

- 5mm arms are coming! For those of you who are worried about the thin 4mm arms, or for those of you who are not overly weight concerned or just starting out and want something a little less breakable, this is for you. It'll add 9-15g to total build weight (accounting for additional screw length) and $5 total cost. Spares will be $5. In order to ensure accuracy in order packing, we'll sell this as a separate product.

- For those wanting to really up the strength and add some camera protection, we are producing some 4mm x 4mm arm braces (spars). This setup should be slightly stronger than the 5mm arm config as well as being a lot more solid for tuning. This will add about 11g to total build weight. The spars will go across the shortest motor gap of the config.

Already in place but un-announced:

- The equilibrium has had an update to the GoPro mount making it stronger, lighter and better looking (new years resolution achieved) and the range of 3D parts it comes with have been updated to include an immortal T mount

- The full range of colours have been made available on all frames. On the God_mode, this colour choice incurs a labour cost if you select a colour that isn't stocked by default. We will ultimately stock more colours pre-printed as time goes on and alleviate labour cost. We currently have large amounts of purple, translucent and red ready to go so the labour cost in printing other colours is genuine but maybe not permanent. The stocked colours may changed depending on what is popular and when we run out of already stocked colours.

- Nemesis has been changed to use chunkier arms by default. It wasn't quite fitting the bill as the bigger brother that we wanted it to so we've changed the target market slightly.


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