Updates (22-01-2018)

Posted by John Cotterill on


We've now got all our intended electronics in stock ready to purchase. You can bundle them with any frame to save money (Up to $30 across a complete setup). To do this, simply go to a frame product page and select options you want to add.

We'll be adding other little bits and pieces as we go but we are determined to stick to a curated line of products.


God mode frames are in stock again today! We ordered 3 times as many as last time so we are absolutely ready to provide the product. We have made a few very minor alterations to improve the fit of the arms and to support 20x20 stacks natively instead of with an adapter.

This is technically a V2 but all parts are backwards compatible. We do have a couple of the older plate style which means we have a couple of cheap ones to get rid of at $40 a piece. If 20x20 doesn't matter to you then jump on and grab a saving with the code old_mode. You will still get the new fit arms to go with it.

God_Mode Flat

We're working on a top plate version of the God_Mode which should be ready soon. Just finalising the printed components which will include a gopro mount, fin attachment and camera mounts. We'll share some photos once we have it all locked down.

As usual, thanks for your business, we love you and please give us any feedback you have.


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