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There comes a time when you have to look at a frame and determine that ultimately it's never going to be a success. That time has come for the Nemesis. When I designed the nemesis, it was off the back of a successful rub-out of Franken frames and the nemesis made a whole lot of sense, it used the existing parts I already had and a new pod design. Shortly after that, Luke and I got to work on the god_mode.

The funny thing about the god_mode is that Luke and I bounced that idea back and forth really rapidly. Luke was modifying the nemesis pod to be the god_mode pod and I was working on the carbon. Within about a week we had a frame we were both happy with and jumped into production, skipped the normal prototype phase and just kind of went for it. In context, that meant that it came out about two weeks after the Nemesis and it really overshadowed it's older brother. It wasn't the intention at all but sometimes when you get in the zone with designing, things can move pretty quickly.

I'm still found of the nemesis, but it sort of doesn't have much of a place in anymore, awkwardly positioned between a normal sized frame and a compact lightweight frame, almost god_mode but mostly Kaiser, it's a bit of an odd ball and on that basis it's never really taken off. I'm ok with that, the Nemesis really represents a transitional phase in the designs Luke and I were going for that ultimately became the god_mode, but I should have retired it long ago.

So vale Nemesis and thanks for being a great platform to develop into what has been our most successful frame.

Nemesis parts will remain available but frame kits will not.

This post also is the perfect place to outline our current road map on development:


  • The pod range for the god_mode will be expanded starting today with the inclusion of the pav_pod and following on in the next week or so will be my own half canopy design
  • Spacers are being cut which will allow you to alter the height of the arms, creating different front and rear heights or adding extra sandwich layer space.
  • The development of a carbon canopy is in the works. Excited about this one and making it work in a robust and maintainable way. First prototypes are being cut as we speak. This will fit onto the god_mode plates, more to follow.
  • Arms have been extended by a few millimetre at the centre to increase the contact area past the inner bolt. This is to counteract the effect of 5mm arms being stronger than the original plate was designed for which means 5mm versions are more likely to break sandwich plates which is a genuine pain in the ass repair job.
  • Sandwich plates are being beefed up a bit around the press nut to also counteract the above.


  • We've got some 3" prototypes going out to testers this week and next week. 
  • Simplistic though slightly heavier design. The idea was to make a 3" that supported a full sized stack.
  • Once we've assessed the strengths and weaknesses we'll modify the design and slate for release.


  • Enso has been a work in progress for a while now with input from a few Aussie freestyle favourites. It's not a direct replacement of the Equilbrium, though that may eventuate.
  • This is mostly designed and is now going through testing and diet phase (often when I design a prototype it starts heavy and gets trimmed back till it's strong but lighter.
  • You can subscribe to notifications on the product page:

Zero V2

  • I'm playing with this concept, a shorter arm version that lends some feedback from the successes of the god_mode and integrates it (vertically).
  • This should be lighter and most importantly, much more maintainable than the original zero and more robust (no stack mounted pods).

Kaiser V2

  • Depending on the way things go with the 3" development, Kaiser might also get some rework to share some common plates with the 3" as bodily they are a similar size. Effectively this could become a little Enso
  • This isn't formally outlaid and will more likely be consequential rather than intentional.



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