Kaiser V2.1

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The Kaiser V2 has received a big update, bringing it's cam mount and rear antenna mount into the Enso styling, making it a mini Enso. The rear antenna mount on the Kaiser V2 is the first to feature the V2 rotating immortal T mount with infinite spin and notched set points.

The Kaiser is personally very special to me. As the first frame that I release formally and had commercial success, it will always hold an important place. However, a lot has changed since the original Kaiser came out, including hardware, frame styles and flight styles. When the original Kaiser came out, it was considered ridiculously lightweight, small, quite a challenge to build and while intended as a racer, it found a place firmly as a hybrid frame. Large enough to run a gopro for freestyle, but underslung and light enough to make a competitive race frame. For casual racers, it embodied a happy medium between the two disciplines.

The Kaiser is the perfect build for someone learning or the freestyler who casually races. It's not a pure racer based on it's weight but can hold it's own if you're only racing occasionally.

The Kaiser V2 was supplied to Team FPVR for the Zurich DCL even in 2018 and is still prominently used in this format for Drift Car chasing. It converts well to a fast filming rig for drift car chasing or similar pursuit work.

EK Mount:

The top plate uses a modular slot in gopro mount, allowing for interchangeable mounting with only 2 screws required to change a mount. 

The Kaiser V2 weighs in at 108g including hardware and standard prints.


  • 30.5 and 20 spacing support
  • Press Nuts
  • Spacious 25mm internal height
  • Spacious build profile
  • Micro and full size camera support (height dependant)
  • Wide squish stance, designed for stable 5" but capable of running larger props
  • Slot in 2 screw GoPro Mount allowing for modular design (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3165348)
  • Rotating Immortal T Mount

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