Canopy Design Challenge

QuadRacer has been developing a new frame and we wanted to open up the design challenge for anyone to design a canopy that meets the following requirements:

1. Single rear mounting hole, centred. Mounting points are 22.5mm apart at the front with the rear hole being 88.5mm perpendicular.

2. Must provide a slot for a vertical plate mount at 6mm width with a 2mm tongue depth.

3. Must be made to mount to 20mm standoff on the back. Can be made to mount to plate using captive nuts at the front (m3) [5.5mm nut diameter] or standoffs, either 20mm or shorter (embedded) in the design (5mm OD or 6.3mm OD)

4. Should be designed to be printed in TPU

5. Should micro camera only

6. Must support AXII antenna mounting with a 16mm punch through cylinder

7. Must have a fin for turtle mode.

8. Maximum width 35mm

9. Reinforced spine structure is recommended.

10. Design to be kept proprietary for QuadRacer


^Vertical Plate. 24mm at highest including 2mm tongues.

The selected pod designer will win 2 of the final version frames with their pod and have their name attributed to the pod design.

Submit designs to