Frame Trade In Program

We've seen a lot of shift in the frame market over recent months with the rise and fall of some big names but one thing we have always seen as an issue is the incentive for people to move from cheap Banggood crap to quality local products . We feel we are that local quality product and while we're already competitively priced, we want to make it even easier for new customers to adopt our brand and transition from other products.

In line with this, we're starting a frame trade in program that is two fold in it's benefit. Firstly, it provides a discount code for customers who trade in and, secondly, it provides second hand frames to the club to either sell for parts or give to new starters to ease their entry into the hobby.

How it will work:

1. Your club will need to appoint an ambassador and advise us of who that person is at

2. Individuals will need to provide a frame to the ambassador, the ambassador will then advise us of the email address of the donor.

3. The Donor will need to make an account on

4. The donor can then purchase up to 2 frames using a percentage discount (10-20%)

5. Submit a request with this Application Form

5. Ambassadors may receive a discount for their work.


1. Frames must be deemed by the ambassador to be in good working order or fit for re-use, re-sale or parts salvage sale.

2. New customers will receive a larger discount, though existing customers are still eligible.

3. Ambassadors must provide a photo of the frame received when sending through the details.

Sale of Donated Frames

Clubs can choose to sell parts from donated frames to provide support to their members still on those frames.

We suggest a simple prices of:

  • $5 per base/cross/top plate
  • $3 per arm
  • $20 for a whole frame

Use of Donated Frames

We also see this going into potential other uses:

  • Spec Racing
  • Beginner Practice Rigs
  • Training Rigs