Enso BS

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Ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The Enso BS (Bando Spec) is a reinforced beast packing a combined 2mm and 4mm front end for a whopping 6mm of front thickness, buffed by a chunky infilled camera mount that absorbs impact and our full width Enso arms.

It's our first step towards diversifying the Enso into a range of frames that meet varied requirements.

EK Mount:
The top plate uses a modular slot in gopro mount, allowing for interchangeable mounting with only 2 screws required to change a mount. 

With ample room for any build, the Enso can support two full stacks, and VTX, RX, GPS and other components can be mounted a number of places. 

The long top plate allows for a huge variance of battery sizes, while always allowing a gopro to be mounted and keeping the gopro forward an props out of view.

The included rear modular mounts provide support for:

  • Standard SMA and Unify style SMA 
  • AXII Antennas
  • Immortal T 
  • 2.4ghz Antennas

These mounts ensure you always have a safe place for all aspects of your build and ensure they are mounted safely and securely in tough TPU.

This frame make is an absolute workhorse.  

We'll include:

  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate (pre-installed press nuts)
  • Cross Plate
  • FIVE arms
  • GoPro Ramp
  • Camera Bullbar (Full size and Micro)
  • Lightweight Alternative Cam Mounts
  • 4 Rear 3D Modules
  • Front Skid
  • Laser Cut Battery Pad
  • All necessary bolts