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Ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The Enso was designed from the ground up as a pure, robust, optionable freestyle frame.

We threw away the standards in regards to set height and designed all 3D components to be completely height agnostic, allowing you to run a setup from 20mm to 35mm to suit your preference.

We designed this frame to have as much clamping on the arms as possible, keeping the arm area free of cutouts, while also having the arms touch at the centre, with up to 3 press nut mounting points per arm, ensuring minimal vibration in your recordings.

EK Mount:
The top plate uses a modular slot in gopro mount, allowing for interchangeable mounting with only 2 screws required to change a mount. 

Our innovative "bullbar" adds a standoff, flexibly mounted in front of the camera to absorb impact, while the camera itself is protecteively seated in the main body.

With ample room for any build, the Enso can support two full stacks, and VTX, RX, GPS and other components can be mounted a number of places. 

The long top plate allows for a huge variance of battery sizes, while always allowing a gopro to be mounted and keeping the gopro forward an props out of view.

The included rear modular mounts provide support for:

  • Standard SMA and Unify style SMA 
  • AXII Antennas
  • Immortal T 
  • 2.4ghz Antennas

These mounts ensure you always have a safe place for all aspects of your build and ensure they are mounted safely and securely in tough TPU.

We have made 4mm arms, slightly narrower 5mm arms for 5 inch and similar 5mm arms for 6 inch.

The options, design and style of this frame make it an absolute workhorse. It'll come in at 155g with 5mm 5" arms, 2 rear modules, front bullbar, front skid and ramp (as pictured) with steel bolts. 

We'll include:

  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate (pre-installed press nuts)
  • Cross Plate
  • FIVE arms
  • GoPro Ramp
  • Camera Bullbar (Full size and Micro)
  • Lightweight Alternative Cam Mounts
  • 4 Rear 3D Modules
  • Front Skid
  • Laser Cut Battery Pad
  • All necessary bolts