Enso RS

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The Enso RS solidifies years of hard work understanding the dynamics of flight and the art of a simple, easy to maintain builds. We've distilled what we've learnt in racing into a streamlined, utterly modern freestyle frame that looks only forward into the future.

No over-complicated designs, no weight where it doesn't need to be, just solid, reliable, well thought out and rigid structure.

With ample room for any build, the Enso RS can support a full stack and two 20x20 mounting points.

We include TPU components that allow you to jump straight into a build with everything you need.

The frame is designed so the prop line is exactly on the top plate, evenly distributing half of the weight above and half of the weight below the centre of thrust.

The arms use a single hole release but multiple bolt securing and jam tightly together without any fiddly centre bracing. 

The underside of the front plate is reinforced using a 2mm brace plate that is overlapped by the camera mount which interlocks with the brace plate and the bottom plate.

The rear antenna mount has embedded TBS and SMA mounting in addition to the AXII cup. The Immortal T mount twists between vertical and horizantal orientation and there are two loops to fit cable ties at 45 degrees for 2.4GHz mounting.

There's an XT60 mount that can be moved to 1 of 4 standoffs and includes a fix point for strain relief.

We'll include:

  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate (pre-installed press nuts)
  • Cross Plate
  • FIVE arms
  • GoPro Ramp
  • Camera Mount
  • Rear Antenna Mount
  • XT60 Mount
  • Front Skid
  • All necessary bolts


2/09/2019 - V1 Released



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