Equilibrium V2

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The Equilibrium is back! With the same 15mm low slung height, updated TPU parts and modernised layout. We've redesigned it from the ground up with modern components in mind.

Courtesy of it's wide standoff stance in the centre, the Equilibrium has ample space for the new DJI Air Unit and we've designed a mount to ensure it's firmly pressed between the layers to keep it entirely safe.

    The Equilibrium flies exceptionally smooth courtesy of it's low centre of gravity, it holds it's line with unparalleled integrity.

    We're currently planning for a 20 day release and the photos shown are the prototype. 


    • Identical top and bottom plates
    • Quickchange arms
    • Stretch X or Wide X interchangeable
    • UFL antenna support
    • Micro camera ONLY
    • Spare arm included
    • Black press nut pre-fitted
    • DJI Support Option



    • Redesigned in full
    • DJI Support


    Spare Parts

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