God_Mode 1.4

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TrueRC Singularity (+ AXII Adaptor)

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TrueRC AXII - Short

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TBS Immortal T V2

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TrueRC Stubby

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RunCam Racer 2

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Foxeer Predator V4 (Micro)

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Pyrodrone HyperLite F4 OSD V2.3 with VTX PIT mode

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QuadRacer FMR 2207 Motor

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T-Motor F60 Pro III

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TBS Raven 1800kv

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Hyperlite 2207.5 Motor

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TBS Crossfire Nano RX

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TBS Unify Race HV - V2 - MMCX

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Luke Godeassi has been a long term contributor to the QuadRacer aesthetic while also being the primary tester for all race frames. His personal style of pure racing pragmatism has led to the development of the God_Mode.



  • 2mm sandwich design
  • Quickchange arms
  • Shorter arms (less leverage)
  • Stretch X or Wide X interchangeable
  • UFL antenna support ONLY
  • Micro camera ONLY
  • Lightweight Design
  • Turtle Mode pod
  • Camera angle indicators
  • Spare arm included
  • Black press nut pre-fitted

Compatible with M8 micro cameras only.

The god_mode is a highly competitive, durable and maintainable race frame. As one of the best value frames on the market, it has made a huge impact on the availability of affordable, quality racing frames in Australia.

Utilising a variety of TPU pod styles, the god_mode has a sleek and aerodynamic appearance. The pods have an inbuilt AXII cup. The Normal Pod has a hole in the AXII cup that supports SMA

Due to their shortened length as a result of being away from the main core, the arms are surprisingly crash resistant despite their narrow width, reducing thrust blocking that some wider arms proudce.

It is not recommended to run individual ESCs, a 4in1 is the best option. We have a range available.

It comes with steel bolts by default allowing for a 68g dry weight build.

5mm arms add 10g overall and each brace adds 5g.

Our Stance on Wishbone Arms




Standard Fin Pod and HD fin pod are designed by Luke Godeassi and place the camera mounting around 25mm from the base plates at the very front. 14-19g

Pav_Pod designed by Paul Thorpe places the camera higher and further back in a position closer to Kraken and Helix frames. Camera mount is around 20mm back and 35mm high. For a more centralised camera feel. 17g

Recommended PID starting point:

 Axis P I D
Pitch 50 40 22
Roll 55 50 22
Yaw 80 45



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