ImpulseRC BMS Thomas JS-1

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Paul and Thomas Bitmatta are legends in the very top tier of the international racing scene. They have poured all of their years of experience, flying and winning races at the highest level all around the planet, in to designing this frame to perfectly meet their needs.

The amount of thought they have put in to the performance, maintenance and usability of this frame is stunning. Check out the build video below for a full explanation of the details.

100% designed by BMSRacing 
100% manufactured by ImpulseRC


  • Quick Release Pod (No Tools Required)
  • Electronics protected from Prop Strikes
  • Quick Swap SMA Antenna Change for LH & RH polarization
  • Dedicated ESC capacitor mounting
  • Comms-Deck for VTX and RX
  • Micro camera support
  • 2 Dedicated Mounting Bays for LED Controllers etc 

Major Races Before Release

  • 1st FPVR Aussie Open 2019 Race (TQ)
  • 1st FPVR Aussie Open 2019 Timetrial (TQ)
  • 1st Australian International Airshow Open (TQ)
  • 2nd MultiGP Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition 2019



BMSThomas Recommended Parts

  • ESC: T-Motor F55A
  • FC: Foxeer F722 Duel
  • Motors: BMSRacing Raptor Series
  • Prop: HQ5146
  • Camera: Foxeer Predator (1.8mm lens)
  • VTX: TBS Unify Pro32 Nano
  • RX: TBS Crossfire Nano
  • Antennas: TBS Triumph Pro + Immortal-T


The JS-1 is built around the TBS Nano VTXs and the TBS micro receiver. 
For ESC anything that fits in a 37mmx48mmx7mm box will fit in the stock pod. If you can find a reliable 20x20 stack you should be able to take advantages of this frames future capabilities, since 20x20 was its original design intent. 

Built in standard configuration the frame has 4 module bays for equipment such as VTX, RX, LED controller or whatever else you might want to equip for a race. There are two on top which are 19mmx16mm (11mmx16mm with cable ties) and 19mmx25mm (11mmx25mm with cable ties) which are intended for the VTX and RX. 

There are two module bays underside which are 19mmx16mm. The Crossfire antenna uses one of the these and leave the other one open for a RGB Led controller. There is also an additional space frontside under the FPV cam you can mount a capacitor if this is the desired location. 

If any custom mounting of parts needs to be done outside of design specifications there are 2 holes for M3 pressnuts 57mm apart lengthways that can be used for attachments or custom pods etc.


Frame Weight

Carbon + Hardware: 58g

TPU Parts: 16g