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The Postman - if you send it, it will deliver!


For designer Luke Godeassi (aka Tilted FPV), the Postman is the culmination of years of experience in designing, flying and maintaining racing drones.  After almost a year in development, where the design was rigorously tested and painstakingly refined, the frame is now ready to land in the hands of racers everywhere.  So, the Postie is ready to deliver! Are you ready to send it?


Proudly manufactured by Quadracer and Mint3D using high quality carbon fibre and 3D printing materials.




Key features:

  • High performance and consistent flight dynamics
    • The sleek design provides great aerodynamics with minimal drag
    • The 'anti-wiggle' TPU inserts keep the arms under a constant lateral compression, minimising  arm wiggle in flight, even if your arm screws loosen.
    • The inserts also reduce vibration transmission to the gyro, resulting in a very wide tuning envelope and the ability to reduce filtering within the flight controller
    • High torsional ('twisting') rigidity thanks to the longer body with shorter arms, results in excellent flight performance, even with beaten up arms that are starting to delaminate.
  • Unique wire and antenna routing solution
    • motor wire and battery wire routing system with strain-relief engineered in, so ripping pads off your electronics in a crash is a thing of the past
    • under body Crossfire Immortal T mount for excellent reception and minimal chance of damage during crashes
    • VTx antenna mounting behind the 'turtle-mode' fin to protect it from damage in crashes whilst keeping it optimally positioned for reception
  • The ultimate in ease of maintenance
    • remove one arm screw and loosen the other to remove an arm.
    • remove just 2 screws to 'pop the hood' and have access to all electronics
    • pop-out TPU for zero screw access the camera for focus or angle adjustment
  • Sensible durability
    • TPU mounted rollcage is designed to absorb shock and impacts from big crashes, keeping the sensitive electronics housed safely within
    • Best-in-class camera protection with the camera sitting behind the carbon of the rollcage
    • Tough 5mm arms are able to withstand a lot of abuse, but have also been carefully designed to break in favour of snapping a body plate or obliterating a motor, both of which are more expensive and time consuming to replace
  •  And more!
    • Designed for the new generation of high performance and reliable 20x20 electronics, this frame has performed exceptionally with the Talon FC and ESC
    • Mix and match colours of the 3D-printed components to create a look that is all your own.


Frame weight

  • Carbon + hardware: 61.6g
  • 3D Printed components: 17.9g

Supported components

  • Cameras
    • Any micro sized FPV camera (e.g. Foxeer Predator Micro or Runcam Racer)
  • FPV antennas:
    • TrueRC Singularity, Lumenier AXII Micro (fit directly into TPU cup)
    • TBS Triumph Pro stubby, TrueRC Singularity stubby (screw into cup via SMA pigtail)
  • ESCs
    • Talon Gigawatt V2 4in1 20x20 35A 6S ESC
    • Aikon AK32PIN 4in1 20x20 35A 6S ESC
    • Any other similarly sized 20x20 4in1 ESC
  • Flight Controller
    • Any standard sized 20x20 FC
    • Talon F7 Fusion
  • VTx
    • Rush Tiny Tank
    • TBS Unify 5V
    • TBS Unify Pro Nano 5G8
    • Any similarly sized VTx
  • Receiver
    • TBS CRSF Nano Rx
    • Any similarly sized Rx
  • Other notes
    • The Postman is designed to have a 2 level stack (4in1 ESC + FC) and with the VTx and receiver positioned on top.

 Exploded Diagram:

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