Ünikorn Arm

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This frame comes at the perfect moment. Sam Heeps and I worked on this frame for months to create something truly awesome. Meanwhile Sam was working on something awesome of his own. 5th fastest pilot in the world, third fastest under 18 and second fastest national team competitor at the FAI worlds. Sam is a pilot who knows how to fly fast, and this frame is the perfect distillation of that.

"Design a 5 inch race frame, that carries a full stack and gets you a build weight under 250g."

This was the design objective for the Ünikorn. It's no mean feat to create something solid at this size to run 5 inch setups.

The Ünikorn is outrageously lightweight, coming in at less than 60g (with a camera) in it's base configuration.

To acheive this weight, the Ünikorn also has an exceptionally small aero footprint giving it's core a surprisingly rigid feel.

For the first time in QuadRacer history, we have moved away from our 10mm bolt pattern. The 4.5mm arms on this setup carry a new bolt pattern that means they fit the hole spacing between 30.5mm and 20mm. However, they are also slotted allowing them to be run on other QuadRacer frames. 

In addition, the frame also comes with optional VERTICAL side braces with TPU mounts that allow you to add a vertical surface for a total of 18g. These were influenced by Ian Hemphill (Skyfall FPV) who says they give an incredible grip in corners.

As part of this frame's development, we also had custom made stack builders (Stackies) produced with 4.5mm threaded section and 6mm bolt section. These allow you to replace your steel stack screws with lightweight aluminium, while also allowing you to change an arm without interfering with the stack. These are not structural and sit on top of a press nut. 8 produces a perfect height 20mm stack for 3g of hardware.

The sale of this frame will also directly support Sam Heeps.

In the words of the great Ricky Bobby: "I Just Wanna Go Fast"

Key Points:

  • Nano Cam Only
  • 58g weight
  • 18g optional braces
  • AXII Cup
  • Countersunk Cross Plate
  • Full Size Stack Support
  • Stack Builders Included

Base Kit Includes:

  • Base Plate
  • Top Plate
  • Cross Plate
  • FIVE Arms
  • AXII cup
  • Camera Mount
  • Hardware including Stackies

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