Touching down in the US of A

Posted by John Cotterill on

You may have noticed some changes on our website recently including some minor aesthetic changes, an improvement to our menu structure and product grouping and the introduction of multi currency viewing (though all orders charged in AUD).

On the last point, we're in the process of establising a warehousing solution for the USA specifically to sell the god_mode frame initially before we move onto other products!

This will be a real person based in the USA to fulfil orders. For now, the way this will work with regard to the store is that there will be a special USA warehouse category with USA warehoused items.

Our shop platform has some inflexibility around the way in which we manage shipping and multiwarehousing so these items will have slightly different pricing to compensate for the reduced cost of local shipping. As we expand we will find a more elegant solution to this.

We're super excited to be engaging in this expansion to deliver fast, locally dispatched frames in the US.

Please keep in mind that if you're purchasing USA warehouse stuff, everything you purchase needs to be USA warehouse. If you're in the USA, you can subscribe to notifications for restocking on this item now:


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