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TrueRC Singularity (+ AXII Adaptor)

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TBS Immortal T V2

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TrueRC Stubby

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TrueRC MX Air Patch

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Foxeer Predator V4 (Micro)

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Flight Controller


QuadRacer FMR 2207 Motor

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T-Motor F60 Pro III

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TBS Raven 1800kv

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T-Motor BMS Raptor Series Thomas Bitmatta Motors

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Hyperlite 2207.5 Motor

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Brotherhobby R5 2306 2450kv

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T-Motor F40 Pro III

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TBS Crossfire Nano RX

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Video Transmitter

TBS Unify Race HV (SMA)

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After you spend a year designing, reshaping and adapting a race frame to local and international conditions and global events, you really get a sense for what a good race frame needs to be.

The Nimbus is a distillation of these learnings. Fast, agile, strong, reliable and modular, it's everything you could want in a race frame.

Race ready, 5.5mm quick change arms with a nominal 9mm width and a 0.5mm chamfer.

2mm plates with a 0.5mm chamfer and a top plate with two modular slots (front and back) for the development of any number of modules to make it an exceptionally versatile frame.

A rear vertical plate for modern component mounting including Unify Pro32 nano and Crossfire Nano.

The Frame is a Wide X configuration but with reversible arms. Can run 5.2 on squish configuration and 5 on stretch, with the ability to run hybrid stretch/squish.

95g with GoPro attachment and vertical plate. 78g without.

This frame pairs perfectly with:

  • Runcam Racer 2 or Foxeer Predator Micro V3
  • Spedix GS40 / GS35
  • Hyperlite F4 / HelioRC Spring
  • T-Motor ProIII series motors / QR FMR 2207
  • TrueRC AXII
  • Unify Pro32 Nano
  • Crossfire Nano


  • Nuts and Bolts (Including Motor Bolts to complement 5.5mm arms)
  • 16mm and 25mm countersunk for varying stack requirements.
  • Fin Mount
  • Camera Mount
  • GoPro Mount
  • A spare arm

Temporary Limit 2 per customer. This is due to limited ability to obtain more stock in the lead up to Chinese New Year and we'd like everyone who has been waiting a fair chance to obtain the frame.