We calculate some shipping costs into our pricing, meaning we offer flat rate international shipping, worldwide.


Our shipping rates for Australia are a sliding scale, meaning you'll start getting shipping discounts from $100 and up with free options starting at $170 (standard) and $200 (express)


We have a graduated scale for international with $4 discounts per $50 starting at $150.

$3 AU Shipping

Our $3 Australian shipping makes getting flat parts more accessible. There's no reason a flat part should be sent for $11 when it can get there in the same time for $3. We'll send it by solid cardboard envelope, taped in securely and using a priority post stamp (same suggested time frames as express). We've piloted this sending method and have found it fast and reliable.

Note however that this shipping:

  • Has No Tracking (Sorry it's just not available)
  • Can be less reliable than express, though is usually as fast