Enso BS

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We've taken the orginal Enso and absolutely tanked it up with a 4.5mm front bracing plate, a chonky camera mount (lighter than it looks), an all in one antenna mount and redesigned ramp (both direction straps). This is now ready to smash crash and dominate hard terrain and give you the confidence to fly hard.

With ample room for any build, the Enso can support two full stacks, and VTX, RX, GPS and other components can be mounted a number of places. 

The long top plate allows for a huge variance of battery sizes, while always allowing a gopro to be mounted and keeping the gopro forward an props out of view.

This frame make is an absolute workhorse.  

We'll include:

  • Top Plate
  • Bottom Plate (pre-installed press nuts)
  • Cross Plate
  • FIVE arms
  • GoPro Ramp
  • Camera Mount
  • Rear Antenna Mount
  • XT60 Mount
  • Front Skid
  • All necessary bolts



  • Updated 3D Prints
  • Inclusion of Reinforcing Front Brace



Spare Parts

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